Viale della Vittoria was created in the last decades of the 19th century as a panoramic point of the city of Agrigento. Over the years it was enriched with public park, including the picturesque Villa Bonfiglio, becoming the elegant lounge of the town of Girgenti.

The Valley of the Temples

through history and culture

Declared a “World Heritage Site” by Unesco, the archaeological park of the Valley of the Temples is the Agrigento’s major monumental and landscape attraction. This natural theater of extraordinary beauty is one of the largest archaeological sites in the Mediterranean. The valley of the temples, which extends for about 1300 hectares between centuries-old olive grove and almond trees, preserves the history of the ancient Greek city of Akragas.

The old town

through art and tradition

Along the main street of the town, Via Atenea, full of shops, bars and restaurants dense of our local tradition, you can visit interesting places of culture: the Baroque Church of San Lorenzo, the former Collegio dei Filippini, now home to the municipal art gallery and the Theatre “Luigi Pirandello” an architectural jewel of the late 19th century, dedicated to the homonym writer from Agrigento who won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1934.

The Coast

the landscape

In the rich coast of Agrigento there are different kind of natural bays. Immense sandy beaches such as the dunes of San Leone or white walls cliff, shaped by the wind and sea such as Punta Bianca and Scala dei Turchi. This one known throughout the world as the White Wall, is made up of a very particular rock called Marne. The combination of the white mountain in contrast with the blue of the sea, makes the Scala dei Turchi one of the most beautiful landscape in Sicily.